Send us an alert!

We give you chance to SAVE EARTH and be TREE POLICE


Reporting Illegal Cutting :

Garden Dept : 25538553 /25532514

Mr Ghorpade (96899-31340) : Assistant Garden Superintendent of Pune city

Inform us about the same on

Tree Police

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4 Responses to Send us an alert!

  1. I live in the west of Ireland in a beautiful tree populated area. An oak in my back garden is over 500 years old. Imagine, Queen Elizabeth was ruling England, and Shakespeare writing his plays when this tree first popped its head above the soil in what is now my back garden. A number of years ago I came home to discover paint markings on many of the trees. After a little research I discovered that the marked trees were due for felling by a government agency responsible for trees here in Ireland. They were to be felled to sell to a high class furniture maker for a lot of money. The loss of these trees would have devastated the area, its wildlife and the people like myself who inhabit it. I kicked up such a storm over the proposal that thy relented and gave us guarantees the trees would remain living, breathing parts of our community and its landscape. They still stand tall and majestic to this day and my children and hopefully their children will play their childish games under their canopies for many more years to come.

    • Tasneem(PuneTreeWatch) says:

      That is great Ronan… and we have so many similar stories to share. We will try and a post a few articles that I had written on this, with many stories we have lived through :). All the best and absolutely great going


  2. Sabbby says:

    Really proud of you, something similar should be carried out every nook and corner of the earth. Very little contribution can do so much and you are a good example of it.

    You guys need to take this task out more in open with flyers, radio jingles etc.

  3. Tasneem(PuneTreeWatch) says:

    Hey thanks.. that is very encouraging. Yes we want to up the communication bit a little more. We do have some basic distribution material and are in the process of doing more stuff. we will keep all posted.


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