Maharashtra Tree Act: Simplified


PuneTreeWatch & Kalpavriksh tries to simplify the main contents of the Maharashtra Tree Act for the Citizen for effective and widespread use. Kindly click here to read more…


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5 Responses to Maharashtra Tree Act: Simplified

  1. Naturelover says:

    The most nobel thought could be to protect our environment….And all those involved in even thinking about it, deserve to be joined by the nature lovers and spread this awareness among each citizen…The day, each individual has the awareness to save our environment by protecting trees, Pune will be even more a heavenly place to live…Lets start by planting trees and protecting the one’s that have already been a life saver from all the pollution we are imposing on them…

  2. Jalpa Gandhi says:

    Maharashtra government is talking about preserving trees, but what about growing new trees. There should be some law describing the quantity of vegetation required for the plot area considering its FSI.

    • Yes it is there. In the Tree Act it states one tree per 100 sq m. Now there are new rules that have other standards. It would be great if you could refer to our new plantation brochure for the listing of these standards

  3. Rajil Menon says:

    want help to understand if under IPC can tree cutting be punished ? we have a couple of cases from Ambarnath and Badlapur can U help ? v have an FIR registeredat Badlapur west regarding 17 trees cut at Baabjipeer Dargah Barvi dam rd. at Badlapur west police station. FIR numberpart I 90, 51297 . they have taken a case of theft under section 379 of IPC please explain if this can b helpful and effective.

  4. Rajil Menon says:

    9011140140 my cell number. Rajil Menon .

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