What can you do when a tree is being cut


What you can do when you see a tree being cut

Any tree that is going to be cut needs to have a notice posted on it. Look out for such  notices or then paint marks on trees like numbers, crosses etc.

If you think felling the tree is unnecessary(within the period of making objections)or illegal then here is what you should do

  • If there is no permission, get the work stopped immediately. In most cases the whole tree gets cut, while permission is only for cutting a few branches.

In other cases when the tree has to be cut and…..

  • If the tree is to be transplanted or replanted, then make sure that it gets transplanted, and more so within the same area.
  • If more trees are to be planted in its place, make sure that new plantation gets done within the same area.
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1 Response to What can you do when a tree is being cut

  1. Sabbby says:

    Good to know there are intiatives which are being driven by like minded people in pune. I’m from pune but current in new jersey but really wish something could be done against the tree cuts to build concrete walls.

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