Pune Tree Authority

Who is The Pune Tree Authority
According to the Maharashtra Tree Act a Tree Authority needs to be constituted to look into the variuos issues involving trees. This Tree Authority includes the Chairman and 5-15 other appointed members. These members are appointed by the general body of the P.M.C. The TA may also then nominate representatives from non-official organizations who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of planting and preservation of trees. However, These nominated members cannot exceed the number of members appointed.

What are the duties of the Tree Authority

The TA is responsible for the following

a) Protection and Preservation of all trees in all lands within jurisdiction.

b) Carrying out a Census of existing trees on all lands every five years

c) Prescribing standards specifying the number and type of trees each plot of land should have. In Pune, one tree is mandatory per 100 square meter area, excluding goathan area.

d) Development and maintenance nurseries for the supply of seeds, saplings of trees to those wishing to plant new or replace felled tree.

e) Transplantation of trees because of road construction or  for safeguarding against danger to life  and property.

f)  Organising vegetable and flower shows yearly to raise consciousness about trees and vegetation for human welfare. Assisting private and public institutions in organizing such shows, and creation of consciousness of importance of trees and vegetation to human welfare.

g) Giving advice and assistance to those who seek it in any matter connected with planting, protection and preservation of trees.

h) Planting and maintenance trees as considered appropriate according to prescribed standards in public places such as along the roads, river banks, lakes, public parks and gardens.

i )  Undertaking ANY schemes considered necessary for achieving objectives of the act.

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7 Responses to Pune Tree Authority

  1. Siddhartha Gupta says:

    Wanted to know if I want to plant trees , whom we need to contact and can I get free saplings .

    • Dear Siddhartha
      Please look at the list of contacts to get in touch with the members who could guide you.. if you need more information thereafter do get in touch

  2. Anil Deshpande says:

    I want to construct a hospital bldg. on the plot owned by the trust, there are 12 trees on the plot out of which 2 are
    needed to be cut because of their unavoidable location in said plot area. can somebody guide me about necessary permissions and the procedure to obtain them. ANIL

    • Hi Anil, you would have to apply for permission to the garden dept, who in turn will approach the High Court. This is a new addition due to a recent HC case ruling. If you need more detailed information , please contact the garden dept, their numbers are in the Contact us section.

  3. Gouri says:

    There are 7 big trees getting cut at plot next to my house.
    That is not my plt but i protected those trees for 5 years.
    These trees are grown taller than 20 feet each.
    Those are wild trees.
    Can anyone help in re plantation?
    There is unique squirrels, bird, insect and honey bee habitats which I wish to protect.

  4. Tania Chatterjee says:

    What should be the maximum height of the tree within the society premises?If it is obstracting the room windows of 6th floor flat….

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