September 2009

Pune Tree Watch, Monthly Report, September 2009

1. Alerts, Action and Campaigns

Hi all

Just got a call saying that 15 trees have been felled in the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya. Need someone to confirm this news. If any tree watch member residing that side could do the needful it would be great.

Also marking this to the garden dept officials for investigation. Mr Jagzap, Mr Mane can you please do the needful and inform us on the status

Called up Parthe who is the mistry for that area. So nonchalant he sounded!. Said that he was not allowed to enter anyone’s property after 6.. says there is a rule to that effect. When I told him that Ghorpade has never said this to me, he said Ghorpade has the authority to go in but not me. Which may be true but only Jagzap and Mane can confirm

Then he said that he stays in the PCMC area so it would be difficult for him to investigate at this time. he will only do it tomorrow morning. I asked him to call me when he has done the investigation. I will still remind him..

Another member responded saying that “Hey Tasneem,
I live right opposite Abhinav Kala Mahavdyalaya and have not noticed any such activity.” But Got a confirmation from Parthe that 5 full trees have been cut and tree branches pruned at the site. An official complaint has been made

To respond to the member who reported no such evidence.. I think it happened somewhere at the backyard or a relatively not visible site on the campus, so you may have missed it. It was also dark at that time. But thanks for the help!

dear all,

I was returning back home (main lullanagar road) on the night of Ganesh Visrajan I saw a lot of branches scattered on the road. Could not be the rain I thought as it was not stormy at all. Then I surmised that these could have been brought down by the processions that passed through.

I have had calls in the past specially from Koregaon Park from agitated citizens who protest branches being brought down to facillitate processions. I just wanted to know from the group if they have seen the same. If yes, what is their reaction to this?. Can we promote smaller procession mandals? or would that be a waste of time?. One citizen asked me to bring a policy in place, yet we have the Tree Act that disallows such practices.

I would request a feedback from those members who have witnesses the same, and possibly given it an afterthought!



Dear Tasneem,

Hi, found your reference through Google.

Can you tell me more on how to protect trees? We have an old neem tree which our builder is planning to cut down in the near future. Can we help protect that tree? I stay in Thane, Mumbai.



Prem Iyer

Apologies for the delayed response. I was travelling and missed this mail. Yes you can protect the tree if it completely safe.

Why is the builder wanting to cut the tree? do you know. Even if he wants he needs to seek the permission of the municipal corporation, and while he does that there is a space for citizens to object to the felling of the tree that you could use.

You can contact me if you need any help on 9850918042



Hi All,

Few days back i had sent one mail regarding “Felling of Trees on Pune-Saswad road”. which they are in progress.

I investigated further thoroughly , got to know some more points as below.:

1) There were around total 133 big banyan trees both side of the road. in which already near about 30 trees are felled to not grow again.

2) Spoken to Road contractor Mr Ware and Mr Girish they said they have permission to fell the trees (92 out of 133 as per PMC letter which i have rite now).

3) But as per letter they are supposed to replant 59 trees as per Letter from PMC. Which they are failing because of cost and resources. they need our help on this.

4) Trees are felled throghout the trunk itself so that they can grow again. i got snaps. Spoken to Mr Ghorpade from Tree Authority, they said its fine as branches grows again then those will trouble traffic again.

5) No Satisfactory reason as why yet they have not planted those 59 trees to other site. Please discuss Very Imp.

6) I have there Road Widinening Plan Map with me now.

7) Only good thing they can provide is with Space of 2-3mtr wide area surface very adjacent to newly build road. In which they are planning to grow Shrubbs or just grass( after felling of Big trees Your browser may not support display of this image. ).

They told me that we can use those space to plant Big Tress as we can. Its upto us ( in limit)… Please discuss this. Very Imp.

8) There major of work is stuck due to two trees which yet to be felled, but due to High Court orders they are now able to cut them, they told me(us) to handle it. I strickly told that : We will not help you to cut the trees, in case if its urgent then they need to replant those trees some were near.

9) Please check Local news paper “SAKAL” today they published news regarding people against trees felling at Pune-Saswad road.Dated: 23/09/2009.

10) Next Mail will be of snaps of those felled trees and Scanned docs of PMC letter, Road widinening Plan.


Today they have destroyed one side of road totally.. cant we save Trees which are on other side?

Please help on above issue. Asap

Avish kadam

Dear Avish

I am requesting through this mail, Mr Jagzap and Mr Mane to look into points 3, 5. I did not quite understand point 8 though. Can you also send the photos?

Mr Mane and Mr Jagzap can you please enquire into the status of the transplantation of the 59 trees? it would be good to get your clarification on this.

Also please ensure the plantation of big trees in the tree lines of the road.

Many thanks


—– Original Message —–

From: avish kadam

To: ; ; Bhanudas Mane


Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 4:41 PM

Subject: Fw: [punetreewatch] Re:”Felling of Trees on Pune-Saswad road”.Update.[2 Attachments]

Hi All..

Here it goes…

Please find attached letter from PMC, Garden Dept. and Road Widening Plan for Pune-Saswad Road.

Note : Concentrate on green portion area this is what i was talking abt 2-3 mtrs wide space to plant trees. we need to keep eye or else this will go to illegal shop, pheriwalas etc…


Regarding point 8 : 2 trees are not yet cut due to High court orders, they told me to look and help with this issue, so that they proceed there work further(road dev. work)

Thanks Avish.. please be in regular touch with us and the Garden department. I am wondering if members who live that side of town can also help Avish for the same? would be great to work in a team.



We are one of eight buildings in our compound and desire to build a garden in front of our building especially for children where we propose to plant various trees and plants and give a green environment for growing children to be in.
Apart from that, planting of trees will give us fresh air and fruit throughtout the year.
We face a peculiar problem in that that the neighbouring societies are opposing the move of planting trees and starting a garden in front of your society though a resolution to this effect has been passed in our society.
Please tell us how you could help us in executing this noble deed or please let us know how the law can help us in this situation. Or if there is any other organisation that will help us implement this program.
We look forward to a positive and early reply from you.
With warm regards Paresh Batra
+91 9819142891

Dear Paresh,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Some questions and preliminary thoughts

a) is the garden a part of your building plan?

b) is this resolution recignised under the law?

c) why is there opposition?

d) just for your information, there would be the tree authority in Thana and a tree Officer. You can initiate contact with them and ask them for help in this matter

e) always good to have orientation programmes and tree plantations drives to start the awareness amongst people. See if you can initiate that, if not in the disputed area for the beginning, but around the premises.

Hope this is of use.

Please feel free to write back with more queries or comments



Dear Tasneem,

thanks for your reply. Appreciate it tremendously.

1. The proposed childrens garden is in front of our society main entrance.
2. The resolution has been passed by our society members and we are a registered society paying our taxes and dues well in time.
3. We are one among a group of 8 buildings in a single survey number. Each of these buildings is registered and has a registration number. The opposers have always stopped any or all development works that we have intended to take and have politicised issues beyond our control. The said opposers run what is known as a federation but they are not a registered body nor do they submit thier accounts to members for approval despite written reminders. Though they do call us, in what they refer to as their meetings/elections but never listen to us.
4. I will check out on the tree authority or officer at thane. If you could help me with a lead or a number it will be highly appreciable.
5. We have tried beginning water harvesting too (to replenish ground water) but we are facing opposition for the same as they feel that we should bear the cost whereas they are also benefitting from the same.
6. The few trees that are in our society shed leaves and these leaves are burnt. Despite verbal reminders that we can create a vermicomposting pit and not burn the same has not elicited any response.
7. During holi festival green tree branches are cut and we are threatened if the same is opposed by us.
8. We have a lot of open spaces in our compound and not all are green. And the few gardens that are there..are so badly maintained..that they cannot be considered gardens at all.

I hope this replies your queries.

With warm regards


PTW has initiated with the help of two students from the ILS Law college, an Urban Environment based Laws and Policies Dossier.

The aims of the project are

* compendium of laws and policies relevant for the urban environment (MSW rules, JNNURM guidelines, EIA, EPA, BMPC Act, A bit on development control rules for Pune, Metroplitan Act .. ). This could be done in a question/answer format. While the larger research can have it all, the main report/publication should be in a simple readable format for citizens with case studies preferably in urban areas.
* Touch on very basic information where international law and policy is applicable
* prepare a simple to read document for citizens

Where the framework is concerned, this is what has been conceptualized so far

1. International Agreements/Conventions and their applicability to Indian law
a) Agenda 21
b) Aarhus Convention (public participation)…
2. Public Trust Doctrine
3. Relevant available remedies and procedures:
a) Constitutional (Writ jurisdiction, PIL – give guidelines)
b) Tort law
e) Statutory law (various environmental legislations)
– Central (EPA, Air, Water, Noise, Wildlife, Forest…)
– State (BMTP Act, Tree Act, etc.)
– Municipal/Zonal Regulations/Building Regulations/Development Control Rules
f) Right to Information Act, etc.
g) Government Notifications (EIA)
h) National Environment Policies, Plans, JNUURM
i) Development Plan (State/National)
4. Modern Legislative and Judicial Trends w.r.t Urban Environment Protection
a) National
b) International

2. Official Processes

Tasneem attended the Pune Tree Authority meeting this month

Tasneem was called by the Tehsil office to avail of more information from the group about a letter that was written by Kalpavriksh to the Collector regarding the proposed de-notification of indentified forests for Pune city.

3. Plantations





The request was forwarded the garden dept and they supplied the saplings.

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