1500 trees cut illegally! Call for action by Pune Tree Watch

Date: 16th Dec 2009
Mr Prashant Waghmare
City Engineer
Pune Municipal Corporation

SUB: Seeking strict and punitive action against the felling of trees for an upcoming construction in Warje, planted under the Joint Forest Management scheme.
Dear Mr Prashant Waghmare
We are writing to you as Pune Tree Watch, a citizens support and action group working to protect the environment and help the government in this activity as well. We have worked together in the past to put in the Tree policy for the city so that the space for more trees gets created in the scenario of rapid concretization.
We were distraught to know the sheer proportion of tree felling that has been done illegally on Survey no 35/2 Warje. The fact that a total of 1507 trees planted as part of the Joint Forest Management Programme, a public private partnership have been cut by the concerned people is perhaps indicative of the attitude that people think they can get away with anything they please to do. And it is not even that the awareness of tree felling permissions is not there. We believe that the Garden Department and the Forest Department have written to your office stating in clear terms that the building permission should not be given till the sanction/fine has been paid (1507*5000*10000) as per section 21 of the Maharahstra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act 1975.
We would like to support the pleas of both the Forest Department and the Garden Department, and we do hope that your department too would take the necessary action as well such that would act as a fit enough precedent for such wanton behavior.
We look forward to your response and a high expectation that the needful would be done.

Thanking you.

Tasneem Balasinorwala
Founder Member, Pune Tree Watch
Member Pune Tree Authority
CC: Mahesh Zagade, Municipal Commissioner PMC
Sanjay Pathak, Conservator of Forests, Forest Department
Mr Jagzap, Tree Officer, PMC

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