What members and well wishers have to say

What members and well wishers have to say: And we would like to know more… do feel free to send in your thoughts and comments

Feroza Saran

Ours is a really frustrating country to work in, but the challenges make the more determined of us carry on inspite of the odds.

Pune Tree Watch has done great work right from its inception, and the five years have gone in a wink! (I.e. when I think about me battling it out for the trees since the last 28 years, more or less single handedly). It is great that so many younger people have now got involved and realised the importance of saving and planting trees.

Thanks to the internet, we can now continuously brain storm and share and implement ideas, and thanks to e-governance, we can now keep the Government on their toes as well!

For the most time, I have been receiving distress calls from all areas of Pune.  People really want to know how they can prevent trees from being cut before the damage is done, but they are reluctant to complain against their own neighbours and friends, and want to put the whole burden on us (which is not fair!) Senior citizens are scared to complain when they know that builders are involved and send goondas to cut trees at night!

1) We need more citizen volunteers from each ward area (Now the 14 municipal wards will be broken up into  44 smaller wards).

2) We need to know the names of the persons in charge of each ward from the garden department and their mobile numbers.

3) We need to print out more small leaflets (like the one before) to hand out and  create awareness as to how to prevent tree cutting and what action to take.

4) We need to sensitise all police stations/chowkeys to take prompt action against tree cutting complaints.

5) We need to insist on the PMC collecting large garden waste totally free of cost, so that people do not cut down trees in their housing societies.

6) We need to once more collect thousands of signatures to push the Bio Diversity Park plan through for the hills of Pune, seeing that Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment has agreed to help out in the matter.

7) Funds can come through contribution from Corporates as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR).

Here’s to many more years of good hard work for Pune Tree Watch!

Madhavi Kolte

let me congratulate you for having made this move 5 years ago…certainly it has benefitted  a lot of us…one intiative made such a difference…may there be may more such initiatives. i really appreciate your patience for being open to a lot of opinions..the internet is a real boon hear because of which we are able to do continuous brainstorming. the competition complied by Sanskriti and others seems really interesting and can be a trigger….so is the pune tree fest..there are a lot of ways where you are encouraging peoples involvement. recently i saw a picture being circulated on the net of a public bus being painted well with the quote ONE BUS MEANS 40 LESS CARS ON THE ROADS…..how creative..something that is going to nudge people all the while..really we need some more of this…we should also copy this in pune.

Sourabh Phadke

Five years! Wowee.. Congrats 🙂

Parineeta Dandekar

Its great to know that PTW is now five years old!

From how I look at it, again, being a silent member for most of the part, is such an initiative adds to the overall sensitivity and consciousness of us citizens… and that, in India, is one HUGE TASK.. you should be rightfully proud of it!! Congratulations!

For me and some of my friends, PTW has been like a conscience keeper of sorts… we know we cant ignore a tree being cut, or a bird without its nest, because now we dont have the excuse of not knowing what to do…

I am sure PTW will continue and, as days go by, grow stronger

Supriya Goturkar

It’s nice to realise that PTW completed five years! It’s feels great to be a part of such an initiative,even though I have been a silent member for most of the time.

Tasneem, you have been a wonderful leader and coordinator!

Thanks to all the active members and others as well who have supported this movement.

Subhojit Roy

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS on making an organization like PTW successful! Building an organization from scratch is by no means easy. I appreciate all the efforts that would have gone into this (especially for such a noble cause) and hope that this organization continues to have a big say in the environmental efforts afoot in Pune.

Pavan Iyengar

PTW is our friend to help us save trees from Concrete jungle! After the interactions(personal and email) we have started conserving a hill sceintifically(special thanks to sharvari ji), growing organic Palak,Mint,Kadipatta,Mirchi,Pan (thanks to mails from tasneem ji) and started to build a tank only with mud and stones at the foot of hanuman tekdi (thanks to ketaki ji).

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