12 year old Rushil Roy writes for us

The Treasure House of Birds

Just behind our house is a huge Gulmohar tree (delonix regia) which has been a treasure house for birds for a long time. It has been here for a long time, much before I was born and it must be around 100 to 200 years old. The tree’s branches are widespread and its leaves are huge.

This Gulmohar tree lies in the boundary between our apartment and a different society. It houses many birds such as the Bobtail, Wagtail, Sunbird, Bee-Eater and many more. The Gulmohar tree does not have any fruit, but it has beautiful red flowers. Its seed pods are a long, green, soft covering which then turn into a long, brown, hard covering. There are individual seeds as well. The Gulmohar tree is dense so it is the perfect place to nest for small birds in the vicinity. The Gulmohar is an evergreen tree and its beautiful red flowers bloom by mid summer. It is a tree which grows in tropical parts of the world.

Whenever I feel bored or I have nothing to do, I look at this Gulmohar tree and try to spot birds. My boredom gets blasted away! But, this tree is one of the only trees around our building which has survived. A few days ago, a Eucalyptus tree was cut down and so was a Coconut tree. I hope that not only the Gulmohar, but all the trees on earth are not harmed by humans in any way. I hope that a day comes when all of mankind realizes what a crime we are committing and not commit this sin again or if we do not realize what we are doing then God should punish us and leave the trees in peace.

If the Gulmohar tree is cut, I will be really sad. Though they cannot talk, trees are living things. I think many people do not understand this. If we keep on cutting trees, it will be like carving a path towards our destruction. By killing trees we are killing ourselves.!


Rushil Roy

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