Sailingmasts in stormy waters – a story from Germany! – Axel Benemann

Two masts at least 15-20 meters high. Shaken by the storms of the troubled sea. Two sailors on the crows nests (watch posts) of each sailing boat. Observing with bravery the crushing waves. Soaked by the freezing rain. Shouting to each other to drown out the roaring winds. Guiding the vessels fearless through the raging hurricane…. just two boys in their summer holidays atop two pine trees on the edge of a lake – my brother and me. Our childhood fantasies played out on two trees gently swaying in a friendly wind. Our happiness in the treetop’s heights and our parent’s unease. What beautiful memories. I hope the two trees are still overlooking the deep blue of the lake and the sap green forested hills.

Axel Benemann – Germany

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