Two perspectives from Sonali Nagwekar

My story:
She and I have been companions for long now. I did not really know her when she was small, but when we met it was love at first sight. It was summer, I remember , when I first saw her. The thought always makes me smile. She looked so elegant, a riot of red and green color,spreading her arms to embrace the ones who would love her and yes, so grounded. I just gaped, stared and drank her eternal beauty for long. I always wondered should I go and  touch her and just be with her in silence, just us and no one, could never do it. It felt so silly that she should fancy me,  she so magnificent and me just ordinary. Her love was not like mine, it was enormous and meant for everyone. I always take the road where she lives, always wanting to look and feel her love over the distance that separates us.

In other seasons she looks just as beautiful, I wondered how she endured the weathers, but I think she enjoys it. She drinks in the rains, gets a even woody tan in the scorching sun and looks composed in winters.She stays with her family, they are always visiting though, they come in seasons & make their home with her. I wish I was like that and could actually get to stay with her.

Her thought makes me happy, just her being around makes me complete and we share a bond which needs no explanation. Its just she and me.

Her story:
The girl on the bike keeps driving past and is always looking at me, wonder what she wants. She doesn’t come near and talk to me, just looks. I did not know how to react earlier, maybe she wans to hurt me.  Somehow I know she wants to be my friend. I have been here for long, many of her kind pass by everyday, they don’t even know I am here. No one is like her. No one looks at me like that .  Some scrape, scratch and sometimes mar me but none of them smiles at me! I feel nice when she comes by, wish many others would treat me like that. Of course my family members do keep me company whenever they visit every year, I just want to be around here for many years for them, not like others who are torn from their homes. Just think what the family would do when they don’t see me next time. It takes years for me to grow & to be able to support other families.

I have very little needs & am happy all the time. The seasons bring their gifts for me, a yearly wash in rains is what I enjoy the most and of course, the summers, when I get to wear brilliant colors and drown in the aroma of my bloom.

There she is again, staring at me, maybe she wants to paint me, or take a photograph, I don’t know. I like it when she comes by. There is no need for words between us, the love is enough for us to know we are special for each other.

I wish she would come and touch me and a hug would be marvelous

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