My Tree Story – My True Story – Devika Mundkur

Tree Story ( my true story)
I fell in love with a tree at Perambikulum, a  sanctuary for wild life, birds & fauna. It was while rambling in these beautiful forests of Kerala that I was drawn to an aesthetic beauty, she was fair, tall, strong, stable, well grounded, there was courage in her demeanor, she stood there for possibly a couple of hundred years silently hosting peace & harmony. I could not believe my reflex action when I ran and hugged her, my tears rolled down while I prayed fervently. There was a bliss in this hug which etched into eternity.
I was oblivious to the fact that people were watching me, my friend Rani quietly tapped me on the shoulder & said Devika you came all the way from Pune to be united with this great soul. My feeling was more profound than the words. I freed myself & walked with the group, more sure than ever that I was possibly a tree as grand as the one I hugged. I did not care to know the caste,race,age, medicinal properties of my love.
This was an awesome moment of realization and I had to spread the message of my love story. A story so pure of love & soul stirring.
My conscience taught me the reason for my existence, I started planting & nurturing my loved ones.
This inspiration is from Devika Mundkur.
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