A swinging Tree Story by Shobhana rajendran

Growing up in Pune city with greenery diminishing by the years the importance of trees increases. Chirping birds, nests cawing crows make the traffic sounds tolerable. I remember swinging on the branches of the  banyan tree and getting caught by my school principal after school hours, *loafer go home* he said. Neither did I get punished for loitering around after school hours nor could i forgot that lovely long swing that Mother Nature had provided free of cost. The kids today have been deprived of that sheer mirth.
Breezy sovereign of the flora – THE TREE,
– And with me you will all surely agree –
Whether leafy shrub or long vine,
Or a peepal or a towering pine…
From concrete jungle they set us all free.
I can describe the pleasure of swinging like tarzan/jane on the banyan tree branches or roots
– Shobhana Rajendran
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1 Response to A swinging Tree Story by Shobhana rajendran

  1. If you now try the Tarzan Jane – maybe the Banyan tree will succumb to the force of gravity!! Well written, don’t see kids playing Jhad bandar or gulli danda. Imagine how much they have missed. I feel sorry for them.

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