Apple Tree – Aditi Chonkar

The decision was made, the hunt began. Moving home was definitely a huge piece of cake, if at all. ease of commuting was the driving factor to move home, but deciding factor turned out to be an ‘Apple Tree’

For past few months our idea of the new dwelling was somehow countryside living. We skimmed and scrutinised many a places, from paved patios to midget cottages to independent houses with football field size gardens.

We almost thought that we found a new place and were about to pay the deposit, when on a tired Friday evening we decided to ‘View’ a ‘new to market’ house. A very regular advert, with an equally regular – pricy estate agent.

The dreadful traffic kept Sujay from reaching the property so i was left to exchange pleasantries and ask questions about bills, heating, council taxes etc.

the viewing was done and the agent rushed off to get spent over the Friday night. the then tenants hurriedly locked the door as they had to play at the local pub. Sujay called to check where he should pick me, and i said to him ‘We found our house- there’s an apple tree in the garden!!!

An ‘Apple tree’ some how was the symbol of Country living and probably an extension to English Way of Life. With the apple tree came a vegetable patch, apricot tree and rose bushes, but the Apple tree took the bow. The tree was popular almost overnight and every weekend since we moved in it had visitors.

Plans of having a pint and a barbeque sunder the tree were hatched. And apple pie, crumble, jam, chutney, cake recipes were exchanged.

I am not sure whether it was the popularity, the summer of 2011 or a growth phase, but the tree bore immense fruit. The topic of discussion then revolved around giving away the apples to neighbours and making friends, tea parties for distributing apples and raising charity in the office through selling apples.

However the apples out numbered all the plans. The tree started dropping due to the weight of the fruit. The apples were absolutely daunting us and took a form of Garden pest.

The pricy agent came into the picture again when we requested him to arrange the pruning of the tree, however we were told by the wise Gardner neighbour that summer was not the right time to prune and that we need to wait until fall or winter. As months passed the tree shed all leaves but the apples were still hanging.

One Sunday morning in October Sujay and I plucked every single apple from the tree and dumped it in the compost. The tree is now stripped of every leaf and every fruit and awaits pruning. The compost pit has digested all that was fed, but the apples thrown into it 3 months back are still popping green like wild winter flowers.

– Aditi Chonkar

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3 Responses to Apple Tree – Aditi Chonkar

  1. Bakul says:

    Very nice note…the apple tree seems to be absolutely amazing…
    Hope it rains apples in your backyard..!!

  2. Sonali says:

    Beautiful story!

  3. Reminds me somehow of Darna Mana Hai, in which one story has an apple-wallah selling apples, which in turn convert everyone who eats them into apples! The apple mystery 😀 Nice imagination!

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