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  • About Us

Pune Tree Watch attempts to bring people together who are concerned about the dwindling tree cover. We aim to monitor, act and protect the trees that harbour a variety of life and that provide the citizens with various ecological benefits.

Since our inception in July’05 we have saved thousands of trees from felling and have been a strong support group for the concerned Pune citizenry. Our activities include: Preventing illegal tree felling, Surveying trees to be cut, Working on the policy level like the Maharashtra (Urban areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975, Plantations, Media interaction, Creating Public Awareness and regular Interaction with concerned authorities. We have an email group dedicated to Pune trees – punetreewatch@yahoogroups.com.

The following are the various activities that makes Pune Tree Watch an effective Support and Action group

    • Forum used to voice their concerns, understand the issues, seek suggestions and or associations with other members. Whenever an alert is given to us, we immediately get the person in touch with the concerned authorities and the respective area-wise representatives of Pune Tree Watch, who can visit the site and assist the person. Simultaneously we as Pune Tree Watch get in touch with the concerned authorities to expedite action.
    • Following the monthly activities of the authority, related to giving permissions for tree felling in the city.
    • Networking with initiatives in other cities.
    • Working to understand the system and the functioning of the government bodies responsible for maintaining the green environs of the city. These are the Garden Department, Pune Tree Authority and also the Forest Department.
    • Establishing contact and initiating interaction with the other relevant departments like the Road department, City Engineer or Building department etc.
    • Being an active part of the system, which is provided by the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation ofTrees Act, 1975 that enables for the public to participate.
    • Outreach and Awareness whereby small yet important incidents of action find a mention in the group, and through the web page.
    • Partnership between Citizens, organizations and concerned authorities towards biodiversity conservation.

Key milestones of the group!!

a)     Submitted a set of recommended amendments to the Maharashtra (Urban Area) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 to the Maharashtra State Government, Urban Development Department, to make necessary amendments in the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975. The follow-up process is still on.

b)     Conducted various capacity building programmes with resident forums, mohalla committees, schools, and other groups.

c)     Formulated a new policy, nicknamed “Tree Policy”, to enable a space for trees within construction activities.

d)     Made mandatory the laying of tree lines for all new road constructions incl. road widening.

e)     Campaigned successfully to ensure three environmentalists and experts are on the Pune Tree Authority.

f)     Have been instrumental in incorporating dedicated tree lines in road planning and design to the maximum extent possible. We are being constantly consulted and are co-ordinating meetings with the road departments of JNNURM and PMC.

g)      Also helped develop a website exclusively for the Garden Department.

h)     Coordinating the expertise of the architects, town planners, environmentalist and other ecologists; to create a practical and scientific approach while analyzing and providing solutions.

i)     Produced a citizens guide called “The Green Vein” to understand the city environment.

j)      Produced various forms of material to improve citizen understanding and participation. Also given presentations to various groups about the work and the ways and means that citizens can participate.



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